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Strike in Germany - Locks are blocked

From Monday on, the german labor union Verdi calls all employees operating the locks to go on unlimited strike. Read about the background and the impact on river cruises in Germany.

River cruising online #3

Locks along the Danube after the flood

The flood seems to be over, a lot of damage in the flooded cities like Passau has already been cleaned up. Unfortunately, some heavy damage has been done to the locks on the Danube river, especially Altenwörth in Austria and Gabcikovo in Slovakia. Both are crucial for river cruises down to Vienna and Budapest.

River cruising online #2

Flood Status Update for European Rivers

Which rivers are shipable at the moment, which can not be navigated by river cruise ships (or other vessels) due to the heavy floodings that hit Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic since May and are making its way now downstream. This will cover the Rhine, Main, Danube & Elbe; All rivers and cruises from Amsterdam to Basel, Budapest, Paris or Prague.

High water situation May / June 2013

A report with the actual high water situation on the Danube, Main, Rhine and Elbe Rivers. News coverage & links. List of cancelled cruises by river cruise operators.