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River Map Summary
The estuary is formed by the two main rivers Garonne and Dordogne. Its rivers dewater parts of the central massiv and the Pyrenees.

The Estuary has a length of nearly 90km / 55 miles from the confluence of the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers at Bec d'Ambes to the seaside end at Pointe de Grave.

No locks. Neighter on the Dordogne nor the Garonne. The estuary is lacking a dam system (like the Delta Works in the Netherlands) to control tidal bores.

Cruise it
As far up as Bordeaux (Garonne) and Libourne (Dordogne) you will experience tidal bores. In case you tend to get sea sick, take some pills with you. The cruises usually just include little bussing around. But as you are going to cruise the estuary and the lower stretches of two rivers, you are going to see some of the sites more than once.
Additional Facts
Altitude Profile
Geographical Facts
Length 0 km / 0 mil
Length Airline 0 km / 0 mil
GPS Source ,
Source Elevation m / 0 feet
Mouth Elevation m / 0 feet
GPS Mouth ,
Basin Area 0 km² / 0 mil²
Average Discarge 0 m³/s / 0 ft³/s
Waters IntoGaronne - Gironde Estuary - Bay of Biscaya
Runs through countries
Spain - France

Upstream KMStation NameYesterday Average
473.00 Bossost 19
453.00 St-Beat 14
447.00 Chaum 5
408.00 Valentine 42
380.00 Mancioux 143
377.00 Roquefort-sur-Garonne 76
366.00 Cazeres -13
343.00 Marquefave 99
313.00 Portet 101
303.00 Toulouse Pont-Neuf 72
276.00 Grenade NA
262.00 Verdun -3
232.00 Trescasses -57
206.00 Lamagistere 102
182.00 Agen 54
140.00 Tonneins 157
117.00 Marmande 116
91.00 La Reole 1 87
73.00 Langon 1 172
25.00 Bordeaux 285