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River Map Summary
Through the industrial Saar Area down to the Moselle.

The Saar was important for the heavy industry in the Saarland, raw materials (coal) or steel products were transported down to Rotterdam or, via Metz and the canals to France' heartland. As these industries declined in Germany (as everywhere in the First World), the river is not used for commercial shipping any more.

The stream is named Saar from the confluence of the Sarre Blanche (White Saar) and Sarre Rouge (Red Saar) on. It flows through France, then the german federal state of Saarland and Rhineland Palatinate, before it discarges into the Moselle at Konz.

Total of 9 locks. The cruises as far upstream as Merzig, so only 3 locks really matter.

Cruise it
As mentioned in the history section, the commercial shipping on the Saar has declined, but tourism has not really taken over. Most cruises spend just up to two days on the river. They include the Saar loop, where the river meanders like the Moselle, but it is not as busy and touristic as the later. So the decision if you want to cruise the Saar can be translated as 'Do I want to see Luxembourg or spend another day on the ship instead?'.
Additional Facts
Altitude Profile
Geographical Facts
Length 246 km / 153 mil
Length Airline 118 km / 74 mil
GPS Source 48° 40′ 38.27″ N, 7° 0′ 44.29″ E
Source Elevation 800 m / 2 624 feet
Mouth Elevation 125 m / 410 feet
GPS Mouth 49° 42′ 5″ N, 6° 34′ 11″ E
Basin Area 7 431 km² / 2 868 mil²
Average Discarge 75 m³/s / 2 649 ft³/s
Waters IntoSaar - Moselle - Rhine - North Sea
Runs through countries
France - Germany
Cruise Line Cruise Name Days Total

Upstream KMStation NameYesterday Average
188.00 Hermelange 45
179.00 Sarrebourg 126
152.00 Diedendorf 40
131.00 Keskastel 128
126.00 Sarralbe (center) 117
113.00 Wittringen 98
111.00 Wittring 96
106.00 Sarreinsming 39
102.00 Sarreguemines (center) 249
99.00 Sarreguemines (Welferding) NA
90.80 St. Arnual 198
48.50 Fremersdorf 207
16.00 Serrig NA
8.00 Schoden NA
5.00 Kanzem UP NA