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River Map Summary
The majestic Danube river is the second longest river through Europe. On its way down to the Black Sea the Danube flows through four capital cities (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade), more than any river in the world.

In Ancient Greek the Danube was known als Istros, the Romans gave it the name Danubius or Danuvius. The Danube and the Rhine rivers were the most significant natural boarders between the roman civilisation and the "babarian" territories. The source of the Danube was discovered by Emperor Tiberius in 15 BC. Later, in AD 103, Trajan constructed a bridge across the mighty stream to connect the province of Dacia (todays Romania) with the Empires mainland. We know that from the relief on Trajan's column in Rome. Another piece of evidence for Roman presence is the Tabula Traiana, a memorial plate in the Iron Gate gorge on the Serbian coast.

Usually the Danube is divided in three stretches: From the source, the confluence of Breisach and Brieg along the alps through Austria. Today that includes the modern countries of Germany, Austria and western Slovkia.

The Pannonian (Carparthian) Bassin, the Hungarian Plains (or Puszta as they are called in magyar) to the Transdanubian Mountains. This covers eastern Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and western Romania.

Last but not least the Danube makes its way through the Iron Gates down to the Romanian Lowlands, Bulgaria down to its river delta which is now a wildlife ressort.

Total of 18 locks. 15 of them are between Regensburg and Vienna. One is between Bratislava and Budapest. Two locks are at the Iron Gates between Budapest and Bucharest. There are two more locks at the Cernavoda Canal downstream of most disembarkation ports for Bucharest. Some cruise lines use this canals as a shortcut in order to cruise down to the Black Sea (e.g. to go to Constanta).

Cruise it
If this is your first cruise in Europe I recommend to cruise the upper stretches of the river. Take a one week cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest (maybe with an extension in Prague?). Or you include the Rhine and then have to decide if you want to see the Rhine Gorge (go down to Amsterdam) or upstream to Basel. The stretch from Budapest to Bucharest, through the Pannonian Bassin and the lowlands is rather flat: except the Iron Gates not as scenic and spectacular as the upper river valleys. And when it comes to tourism and modern amenities, the Eastern European countries are not as developed as Western Europe - but they are catching up very quickly. But that medal has a positive side as well: You can explore cities where Mc Donalds and Starbucks are not all over the place yet.
Additional Facts
Altitude Profile
Geographical Facts
Length 2 845 km / 1 768 mil
Length Airline 1 653 km / 1 028 mil
GPS Source 47°57'3.58"N, 8°31'13.75"E
Source Elevation 673 m / 2 208 feet
Mouth Elevation 0 m / 0 feet
GPS Mouth 45° 9'51.31"N, 29°41'58.85"E
Basin Area 817 000 km² / 315 362 mil²
Average Discarge 6 700 m³/s / 236 607 ft³/s
Waters IntoDanube - Black Sea
Runs through countries
Germany - Austria - Slovakia - Hungary - Croatia - Serbia - Romania - Bulgaria - Romania - Ukraine - Romania
Cruise Line Cruise Name Days Total
A-RosaChristmas & New Year Celebrations15
Danube Cataracts11
Danube Christmas Markets8
Danube Delta from Bucharest12
Danube Delta from Passau11
Romance on the Danube11
Waltzing along the Danube12
Ama WaterwaysBlack Sea Voyage15
Blue Danube Discovery14
Christmas Time Cruise11
Grand Danube Cruise23
Magnificent Europe16
Magnificent Europe (Christmas Cruise)16
Melodies of the Danube12
North Sea to the Black Sea27
The Legendary Danube12
The Romantic Danube12
Ultimate River Cruise21
Avalon WaterwaysA Taste of the Danube: Budapest - Vienna8
A Taste of the Danube: Vienna - Budapest8
Austrian Highlights & Bavaria9
Balkan Discovery10
Blue Danube to the Black Sea14
Capitals of Central Europe 201410
Capitals of Central Europe: Budapest to Prague 201512
Capitals of Central Europe: Prague to Budapest 201510
Christmastime in Germany & Austria12
Christmastime on the Danube9
European Splendor13
Grand Christmastime Cruise16
Grand Danube Cruise18
Highlights of Germany13
Jewels of Central Europe: Budapest to Paris19
Jewels of Central Europe: Budapest to Paris 201519
Jewels of Central Europe: Paris to Budapest17
Jewels of Central Europe: Paris to Budapest 201517
Magnificent Europe15
North Sea - Black Sea Cruise24
The Blue Danube Discovery13
The Legendary Danube11
The Upper Rhine to the City of Music12
Emerald WaterwaysChristmas Markets for Europe15
Classic Prague and Danube Delights11
Danube Delight8
Splendours of Europe15
Grand Circle TravelChristmas Markets along the Danube8
Eastern Europe to the Black Sea13
Eastern Europe to the Black Sea: President's River Cruise13
Grand European Cruise28
Old World Prague & the Blue Danube13
The Great Rivers of Europe16
Lueftner CruisesAcross Europe15
Beautiful Blue Danube15
Best of Europe13
Christmas Cruise from Passau7
Classical Danube Cruise8
Classical Danube Cruise (from Passau)8
Classical Music on the Danube8
Danube Rhapsody8
Magic of Advent on the Danube7
New Year's Eve Cruise on the Danube7
Prague & Danube10
Scenic ToursBlack Sea Explorer10
Gems of the Danube8
Grand Europe24
Jewels of Europe15
TauckAmsterdam to Budapest15
Blue Danube: Family Riverboat Adventure8
Budapest to the Black Sea12
Christmas Markets along the Danube8
Danube Reflections10
Grand European Cruise24
Musical Magic along the Blue Danube12
The Blue Danube12
Uniworld Boutique River CruisesDanube Discovery & Prague10
Danube Holiday Markets8
Delightful Danube & Prague10
Eastern Europe Explorer10
Enchanting Christmas & New Year's Cruise11
Enchanting Danube8
European Holiday Markets8
European Jewels15
European Serenade14
Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise13
Grand Danube & Prague17
Grand European Discovery15
Grand European Explorer19
Grand European Highlights22
Grand European River Voyage27
Highlights of Eastern Europe8
Imperial Capitals of Europe16
Paris & the Heart of Europe18
Vantage Deluxe World TravelDanube Holiday River Cruise feat. Prague12
Gateway to the Black Sea12
Grand European River Cruise: Rhine Valley to the Black Sea26
Majestic Rivers of Europe: Castles, Cathedrals & Fairytales15
Romance of the Blue Danube11
Treasures of the Rhine & Main Rivers15
Viking River CruisesDanube Waltz8
European Sojourn23
Grand European Tour15
Grand Rivers of Europe22
Passage to Eastern Europe11
Romantic Danube8

Upstream KMStation NameYesterday Average
2458.30 Ingolstadt Luitpoldstrasse NA
2414.80 Kelheim Donau NA
2409.70 Kelheimwinzer NA
2397.38 Oberndorf NA
2381.73 Niederwinzer NA
2379.27 Eiserne Brücke NA
2376.49 Schwabelweis NA
2350.69 Pfatter NA
2327.02 Straubing NA
2305.53 Pfelling NA
2292.63 Kleinschwarzach NA
2284.44 Deggendorf NA
2282.20 Deggenau NA
2280.29 Halbmeile NA
2276.22 Niederalteich NA
2270.30 Mülham NA
2263.15 Loh NA
2256.86 Hofkirchen NA
2249.47 Vilshofen NA
2230.32 Kachlet UP NA
2230.31 Passau Steinbachbrücke DFH NA
2226.70 Passau Donau NA
2225.75 Passau Luitpoldbrücke DFH NA
2225.25 Passau Ilzstadt NA
2214.51 Erlau NA
2201.83 Dandlbachmündung NA
2200.00 Achleiten NA
2116.00 Engelhartszell NA
2063.00 Wilhering NA
2054.00 Linz NA
2033.00 Mauthausen NA
2004.00 Grein NA
1983.00 Ybbs NA
1963.00 Melk NA
1942.00 Kienstock NA
1936.00 Dürnstein NA
1874.00 Korneuburg NA
1863.00 VIENA NA
1826.00 Wildungsmauer NA
1819.00 Hainburg NA
1815.00 Thebnerstraßl NA
1814.00 Devin NA
1813.00 Dévény NA
1803.00 Pozsony NA
1795.00 Rusovce NA
1789.00 Hamuliakovo NA
1783.00 Rajka NA
1763.00 Dunaremete NA
1760.00 Bös NA
1750.00 Medve NA
1743.00 Nagybajcs NA
1733.00 Gönyü NA
1711.00 Komárom NA
1710.00 Révkomárom NA
1665.00 Esztergom NA
1664.00 Štúrovo NA
1663.00 Párkány NA
1654.00 Szob NA
1642.00 Nagymaros NA
1628.00 Vác NA
1598.00 Budapest NA
1592.00 Bp.Kvassay-zsilip f. NA
1551.00 Adony NA
1540.00 Tass NA
1534.00 Dunaújváros NA
1516.00 Dunaföldvár NA
1487.00 Paks NA
1460.00 Dombori NA
1437.00 Baja NA
1407.00 Mohács NA
1386.00 Batina NA
1384.00 Bezdan NA
1360.00 Apatin NA
1327.00 Gombos NA
1319.00 Dalj NA
1299.00 Vukovar NA
1266.00 Ilok NA
1225.00 Ujvidék NA
1147.00 Zimony NA
1131.00 Pancevo NA
1093.00 Smederevo NA
1055.00 Bazias NA
1040.00 Veliko Gradiste NA
1019.00 Moldova Veche NA
996.00 Drencova NA
937.00 Orsova NA
914.00 Drobeta Turnu Severin NA
849.00 Prahovo NA
840.00 Gruia NA
824.00 Novo Selo NA
804.00 Cetate NA
790.00 Calafat NA
784.00 Vidin NA
740.00 Lom NA
734.00 Rast NA
720.00 Bistret NA
679.00 Bechet NA
664.00 Oriahovo NA
635.00 Corabia NA
602.00 Turnu Magurele NA
599.00 Nikopol NA
564.00 Zimnicea NA
561.00 Svishtov NA
508.00 Ruse NA
502.00 Giurgiu NA
447.00 Oltenita NA
397.00 Silistra NA
391.00 Calarasi NA
326.00 Cernavoda NA
306.00 Fetesti NA
282.00 Harsova NA
206.00 Braila NA
191.00 Galati NA
144.00 Isaccea NA
116.00 Tulcea NA
112.00 Ceatal Ismail NA
2.00 Ceatal sf. Gheorge NA
1.00 Sulina NA