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Ships changes for 2013

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As I am currently updating ship infos for the amazing relaunch, I stumbled upon until now unannounced changes in the fleets.

Viking announces a new ship. In addition to their own fleet, they chartered the MS Bolero for the 2012 season. For the 2013 season they furthermore charther a ship named "MS Vienna". According to Vikings's website, it is a twin cruiser (seperate hotel compartment and tow boat unit) with 164 guests, 80 staterooms and 2 suites. The only ship in my database that fits this profile is Avalon's Tapestry. Interestingly the Tapestry is not listed on Avalons homepage any more.

Second change will be River Explorer (formerly owned by Vantage). As you can see, it is still available at Vantages website but not included in the fleet overview any more. (snapshot). At the moment it is not certain who takes over the ship, so watch out for any unknown ship with the ENI 04804640.