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Should I book a particular side of a ship?

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When booking a cruise there are many factors to take into consideration. You have to figure out, which cities you want to visit, the month you want to go to Europe, to pick a cruise line, and much more.

In the hydrology and watersheds article I explained why the cruise direction does not play a role if you are concerned about the weather. So lets continue with another thing you should not really waste your time on. Which side of the board should your cabin be on.

What's the idea behind that? Well, let's assume you know you want to go on a cruise from Amsterdam down the Rhine, Main and the Danube to Budapest (the classic 14 days trip). Thanks to the internet you have researched that about 70% of all docks for river cruise ships along these rivers are on the starboard side. Then you could think it is a smart idea to book a portside cabin to get a better view every evening / morning. There is only one problem, as the picture shows...

Ships tied to each other in a port

This picture is rather unique for Nuremberg (where I took it), was the only time in 6 years where I spotted two ships docked next to each other. As you can see, there are often limited docks for ships. But in other cities it is very common that up to three ships are tied to another, and if people want to go ashore they have to go through the other ships lobby. This is also known as double docking. On some of the rivers you have up to 3-5 ships docked in that fashion next to each other. And as more ships are cruising the rivers, it happens more and more often.

Therefore you can learn two things from the picture: First, don't waste time to find the 'better side' of a ship for a particular cruise. Second, even if you have a nice view in the evening when you enter your cabin, close the curtains. You never know who will be your neighbor the next morning.