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Swimming the Rhine from source to mouth

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During the first week of May, Ernst Bromeis started his mission, to cruise swim down the Rhine from its source at the Toma Lake down to the mouth. He prefered this arduous way of traveling (with an est. 40km / day) from the Alps, via Basel to Rotterdam as he sees himself as an ambassador for nature. His message is to use water reasonable, spare it. Therefore he started the project 'The Blue Wonder - Rhine 2012'. Here you can his stageplan overview and where you can expect to observe him while sitting on the sundeck of your cruise ship. Don't forget to give the man some support for his honorable idea.

Right from the start, he had to face serious difficulties. As the Toma Lake was still frozen, he had to saw a hole in the frozen surface in order to take a bath in Rhine water. From there on he skied on the frozen Rhine until he was able to start his journey. A few days ago, on May 15th, he arrived in Breisach and declared that he would use a canoe for the rest of his trip. Only selected river stretches would be swum by him. According to german sources he overestimated his possibilities and at this point it is not clear if he would even travel the Rhine the whole nine yards.

Watch the whole youtube series published by Ernst Bromeis himself: The Blue Wonder 2012