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I was asked on the cruise critic forum if there would be any option to include a tracker for delayed ships. Let me just post the question from last week:

Question: 'I was thinking of a tab where cruisers could post changes in status of cruises such as a particular ship being unable to navigate a certain stretch or problems doing so, or a ship being able to navigate, where it wasn't previously being able to, This could be correlated with the technical river condtions, Such information is currently scattered among many web sites.'

My Answer: 'That is a good idea. From the database I know where a ship "should" be on a particular day... Let me think about it'


The technical modifications (e.g. on the database) would be minor. I rather see some problems with ships being labeled as "stuck due to waterlevels" and never unlabeled. This is a tough nut to crack, let me give you a simple example: Someone tagged a ship (let's call her the MS Example and lost interest in the site or just forgot about untagging it. Experience showed that high / low water affect cruises forr a few hours - up to several days. It means I can't let the system uncheck MS Example after a given time (24h - 48h?), because it might still be stuck.

So at the moment I am considering the following options:
1.) Ships tagged "delayed" have to be confirmed every 24h or their status will be resetted to "default" by the system. Yes, this could lead to false positive errors - the ship is stuck in reality but the system says everything is fine. Maybe it can be combined with the following approach:
2.) A cross check with river levels: Controlling if the gauges are above / below the warning levels in order to allow ships to be tagged at all. Problems here: Most (eastern) european institutions do not really answer emails. So I could just make this work for the german rivers. A bit unsatisfying. Second problem: This would probably work for high water issues, but not all rivers have low water warnings - its usually up to the captain if they want to give it a try to pass a shallow stretch.

Any considerations or suggestions in the comments or via email are really appreciated!

Now some links for you: Some google magic revealed a two interesting tracking sites:

- At you can check how often a particular flight number was delayed..
- More interesting when you are in Europe on a cruise: Check at where ships are according to their AIS signals.
- Scenic Tour ships can be spottet via this page as well. It provides a calendar, so you can actually check where a ship was on a particular date.
- Another website for AIS tracking of cruise ship: Shiptrackingais.