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There are dozens of cruise lines (and hundreds of itineraries) out there. How did I end up with the selected ones? Well, they had to meet the following criteria:

The cruise had to be offered in western Europe. I would like to abandon this criterion, but my resources are limited. Until I have more time, the cruise has to be on one of the following waterways: Danube, Douro, Elbe, Main, Moselle, Rhine, Rhone, Saone, Seine or the waterways of the Netherlands & Belgium.

Ratio bus - ship:
Some cruise lines offer itineraries where one gets bussed around.. If one books a 15 days holiday and spends 8 nights in different hotels, that can be a very interesting tour through Europe, but is not really a river cruise. Therefore I discarded all cruises where (without optional extensions) the ratio between hotel stays & ship is at 1:1 or worse.

Ship size:
Not included are barges with a length smaller than 200 feet. Yes technically they are ships, and they cruise on a river through Europe. But to include them at this point would have caused the following chain reaction: They can access smaller canals -> Visit other & more cities -> A bloated database. More or less we have the same situation as with the "Ratio": If I get a chance to improve the search engine I will abandon this criterion.

Now we come to the most important criteria: The on board language has to be English.

License trouble:
Some companies do not allow the usage of the data provided on their websites for other purposes then booking a cruise with them. To display them would mean to "redistribute" these data. It would violate their Terms of Use if I would include them. As this website is a hobby of mine, I don't like to get phone calls of their Nazgul lawyers. So they are kept out of the database until they change their mind: Wake up - this is advertisement for free... *doh*

Anyway... I try to eliminate most of these criteria - except of the on board language. Until then, that means: There is a very slim chance that the one cruise that fits you best is not in the database.