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Meta: Infrequent Blog Posts due to Database updates

You may have already noticed, I am way behind covering the actual news on the rivers. Due to updates and work I will only post important news during the season.

Meta: App updates 2014 and roadmap

New versions of the river cruise app have been released for Android and iOS devices. Eliminated a map freeze bug and added a browser for the review section.

Webtracking for ships

I was asked on the cruise critic forum if there would be any option to include a tracker for delayed ships. Let me just post the question from last week:

Meta: January 2013

Here is the overview what changed this month on

- Search: The simple search is functional. Same for the ship search. The advanced search is still buggy, stay away ;)

- River levels: The site is now monitoring 327 river levels all over europe, providing one interface (text & graph). Much simpler than checking 12 pages all the time ;) You'll find a new #Tab at every river page. Click on a station name and you'll see the graph. Warning levels however are still beta.


Meta: Major update 2012

After nearly one year, the site is going through a major update. This was nessessary for several reasons. For the first version, I was just reaching a bit too far, wanted to get everything included. But it turned out, it was much more complicated than expected.

While you'll just see the changes on the interface, there were several major changes done to the database. I had to deal with them first, in order to make everything else work smoothly again.



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