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Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy

Let me spare you the legal gibberish

..or as anyone really cares about these long copy and pasted legal terms :) So therefore I try to break everything down.

Basically I try not to depend on external (closed) software. Whenever possible, I use open source software for analysis and other kind of services.

Rights of external content remains with the owners, while everything I created is put under Creative Commons.

If you want to redistribute anything, use the Contact Form and get in touch.

Photos and Images

Contributed by others: They keep their rights (which means usually CC License). Again, you better use the Contact Form and get in touch.

My own pictures: As I used a lot of other free stuff, I want to give something back: All of my pictures are published under Creative Commons // CC License

"Official" Photos and Deck Plans: These rights are reserved by the cruise line. Check their Terms and get in touch with them directly. In general you are allowed to use these items, as long as you promote their product.

Non Graphic Data

When I use data from external sources (like waterlevels), the rights remain with the owners of these services (e.g. Pegleonline). Furthermore these data are raw might not be accurate. They shall rather give you a general idea on what is going on on a river.

Text excerpts from Wikipedia remain under Creative Commons.

Everything I wrote is published under Creative Commons as well.

River cruise review system: Programmed it myself, so all the data stay on my server. In the survey forms, I ask for an email address, but this would just be for the cases where I need to get in touch. It is not published, nor given to others

The River Cruise Info App

I do not collect any specific data from the app. The Apache webserver serving the downloads does track IP's and map identifiers. That means I can see, which map has been downloaded. I do not store any identifiers, so I do not even know which instance of the app downloaded which maps.

I do not do any GPS tracking.

The maps are using Openstreetmaps data material, but are processed through my servers, so they do not get any direct requests from your device.

Third Party Services

User Analysis is done via Piwik. So all the anonymous data collected about daily visitors stay on my server.

Because the Drupal Captcha did not work and blog entries got flooded with spam comments, I decided to use Facebooks comment module instead. This means they got your IP (and if you are logged in your Username as well). You might want to read Facebooks Privacy Guidelines. Update: Now facebook only gets your IP if you click on the banner in the sidebar.

I went back to Drupal Comments, but use Recaptcha module, which means google might get your IP anyway if your read a blog entry: Here is the Google Privacy Policy.

Last but not least: When blog entries embed Youtube videos, they can track your IP as well - read the google policy again.