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Amadagio shipped to the Rhone

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I did a lot of picture research the last few days for the balconies article, as I just wanted to make sure I did not miss any window type that was not in my own database. When I came across an article about the AmaDagio send to the Rhone river, I was not surprised how they did it. Same procedure as what I have written when Uniworlds Countess went to Italy.

Little interesting detail in the picture used by The Cruise Editor: There is another ship travelling with the AmaDagio. The white color with a red stripe indicates a Viking ship. I enlarged the interesting part of the picture:

Amadagio and Viking ship piggyback

The covered walkway around the main area (with overhanging sundeck) does not really help here, as all the four Viking ships (Europe, Neptune, Pride and Spirit) on the Rhone / Saone river have this design. According to Viking's website, the Neptune lacks the red stripe at its bow. So we can narrow it down to three out of four. In general this is following the trend I have mentioned earlier: 'Some of the 'older' ships are sold to other companies, but at the moment most of them are transfered to the smaller rivers: the Saone, Rhone or […] the Po river in Italy.'

Does it feel good when you are right with your analysis :)