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Flooding May 2015

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Cold weather and some heavy rain causes several rivers to be blocked for traffic at the moment:

Update 2015-05-25 for the upper Danube: Another minor high water issue at Passau, the wave peaked yesterday afternoon, levels dropped 50cm since then but are still high.

The Rhine is blocked for traffic at Strasbourg according to posts on cruise critic. The levels are slightly recending at Basel, but the levels are still very high. Also the charts for the Moselle river seems quite high, but there are no reports about navigation being stalled at the moment.

Blocked between Passau and Regensburg, affecting all cruises between Budapest and Nuremberg. River levels reached its peak yesterday around 10pm at Regensburg, but are still very high.

The Rhone is blocked for traffic at Lyon, several cruise lines were forced to bus PAX to the excursions along the Saone. At the moment it looks as if the peak (upstream of Lyon) was yesterday around 4-7pm, levels are falling but are still about 1m above May 1st. South of Lyon levels are still rising. Furthermore the levels of the Saone are still rising along the whole river.

Check the overview of river levels yourself, or download the app for android or iOS from the store to stay up to date--