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Historical Water Level 1901 - 2012

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When I started the website, I had the idea to gather all these spread out information on the internet to make it possible for people interested in taking a river cruise in Europe. One of the big issues is the water level situation. Last year I published a long article on hydrology and the problems of forecasts for river levels. Facing the price of a river cruise it is more than understandable that one wants to control as many parameters as possible. As pointed out in the article, unfortunately some are beyond our control. However, the concerns remain, so I decided to give you the option to check historical levels for the german rivers yourself. Last year I aquired historical data from german authorities and fed them to my import script and database. As a result you can now access visualized historical river levels going as far back as 1901. Just enter your cruise date and see how the river levels have been over the last few years.

Here is a short guide how to access them: Follow the direct link to the rivers: River Table

1.) Select any of the following rivers: Danube, Elbe, Main, Moselle, Rhine, Saar
2.) Click on Tab 3 "Waterlevels"
3.) Click "Unfold all" to see the graphs from the last week
4.) Select Interval (above the tab): User defined. Fill the "From / To" Fields with the dates you are interested in. Format has to be: YYYY-MM-DD
5.) Click "Refresh" and wait. You'll get the data for the selected range.

Warning: You can enter any date range you want, even 1901-01-01 to 2013-04-27 . BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO DO SO: Expanding the full danube will freeze your browser a few seconds. For the sheer fun I have tried to display about 2 years. My Firefox was frozen for 1.5 minutes. And it puts a heavy load & traffic on my server. So please, be rational and do not enter more than 30-40 days max!

For the last 10-20 years nearly all stations do have historical data, the more you go back in history, the more stations will display nothing as they had been installed later on. In this case you'll just see white spots, the server does not interpolate missing data. The Danube high water from January 2013 might be of special interest, as I captured its data "live", so you'll have the full set of data from the source down to the Danube Delta.

Before you just start guessing random dates and just end with average data, here is a list of extreme high and low water situations on the German rivers:

River Situation From To
Danube High water 1999-05-10 1999-06-10
Danube High water 2005-08-10 2005-09-10
Danube High water 2013-01-20 2013-02-20
Elbe High water 2002-08-01 2002-08-30
Moselle High water 1993-12-01 1994-01-15
Rhine Low water 1947-10-01 1947-11-20
Rhine High water 1993-12-01 1994-01-15
Rhine Low water 1971-09-04 1971-11-30
Rhine Low water 2003-07-02 2003-09-02

Enjoy and never mock german bureaucracy again ;)