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Meta: Infrequent Blog Posts due to Database updates

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write a reviewYou have been on a river cruise in Europe this season? Please take a few minutes and write a review. Especially if you used the River Cruise Info App this is a great way to say "Thanks" for all the information you got for free. :)
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Actually I thought I would be able to cover media coverage on river cruises. However, the main season has already started and I have still plenty of work to do, connecting the dots. This winter, I finished the river cruise review template. For this season, I have some more things to finish up, a new water level indicator, plus I want to include weather forecasts and wikipedia data.

Weather news
One big thing I am adding at the moment are open data weather forecasts. So you always know what the weather for your particular cruise will be.

Wikipedia Points of Interest
While the weather implementation contains some programming and not much texts, this is going to take really some time to revise and categorise all the articles.

So I am going to cover everything of immediate importance, like lock strikes, water level issues or ship accidents. But it is unlikely that I blog about river cruise background information on a frequent level until autumn.