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New ship: GCT Ms River Chanson

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At the moment I am still updating the river cruise database for the 2015 season. While including the new destinations, I stumbled upon the MS River Chanson, which is not part of the GCCL fleet yet. I searched their website, found the following announcement from January 14th 2014 in the Grand Circle Travel forum:

We recently purchased a ship which will be used for our new 2015 River Cruise Tour, Bordeaux: Vineyards, Vintages & Chateaux. And we’re excited to be re-christening this ship with a new name.

GCT let the community pick one of the following names: M/S River Chanson, M/S River Cadence, M/S River Chanteuse or M/S River Concertina.

On January 27th, they announce on their Facebook page, that

Thank you to everybody who voted in our Bordeaux river ship poll!. RIVER CHANSON won by a landslide! We appreciate your help in choosing the name - and we look forward to seeing in Bordeaux on the River Chanson in 2015!

Still, the questions remained, which ship did they buy? There is a screenshot on GCT's website, showing the ship.

It has a rather classic design, which only a few ships on the rivers have: Uniworlds River Queen, Royal Crown and River Cloud II. It can't be the Queen, as I already added her to the River Cruise Database for Uniworlds 2015 season. It can't be the Crown, as she has a walkway all along her sides. If you compare it with a picture of the River Cloud I took in Nuremberg, you'll see the similarities:

To be on the safe side, I did another google search, and did find the original picture on Abercrombie & Kent's website:

The very same picture, same scenery, the only difference if you compare the two screenshots: GCT photoshopped the name on the bow, it is still blank on their page. It fits perfectly to the announcement of Sea Clound selling the MS River Cloud II. So I updated the name for the Database and all tags for the River Cloud on the blog.