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River Map Summary
Wine, steep hills and a beautfiful landscape.

In the 19th century the Douro was used to transport iron ore, but there is nearly no commercial shipping on the river any more.

The Douro is the northernmost river dewatering the Iberian peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of dams on the Douro, which block shipping.The cruiseable stretch of the Douro is rather short, so most cruises cruise from Porto up to Barca d'Alva and back. The Douro cut a deep valley into the landscape, from the river banks the mountains next to you rise up to 500m / 1500 feet.

Total of 5 locks. All below hydro dam of Saucelle at Vega de Terron. As most cruises circle from Porto upstream and back, you'll pass 10 locks.

Cruise it
Usually cruises start in Lisbon, overland transfer to Porto, board the ship and go upstream, visit Salamanca (another overland transfer) before returning to Porto. A lot of small villages, so this is definetely a foodie river cruise. For 2012 / 2013: There are not a lot of companies that provide Douro cruises yet, so consider cruising the Douro if you don't like the crowded places along the Rhine or Danube.
Additional Facts
Altitude Profile
Geographical Facts
Length 897 km / 558 mil
Length Airline 493 km / 307 mil
GPS Source 42° 0′ 37.92″ N, 2° 52′ 49″ W
Source Elevation 2080 m / 6 823 feet
Mouth Elevation 0 m / 0 feet
GPS Mouth 41° 8′ 35.74″ N, 8° 40′ 10.07″ W
Basin Area 117 054 km² / 45 183 mil²
Average Discarge 714 m³/s / 25 215 ft³/s
Waters IntoDouro - Atlantic Ocean
Runs through countries
Spain - Portugal

Upstream KMStation NameYesterday Average