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Scenic River Stretches 2: Wachau Valley

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One part of the river cruise experience is that you just unpack once and your hotel brings you to another quaint town every day. But there is more, the beautiful stretches of the rivers you'll pass on your way. Therefore let's have a look on the few natural sights hiding in my database. In the last entry we dealt with the Rhine Gorge, this posting deals with the Wachau Valley.

The Wachau Valley

This scenic stretch of the Danube river starts at Melk and goes as far downstream as Krems. Or for those without deeper knowledge of Austria's geography: Somewhere between Linz and Vienna.

The Wachau Valley offers quaint villages and abbeys. In fact it is one of the most touristic areas in lower Austria. Well known are the baroque abbeys at Melk and Göttweig. In Dürnstein castle (above the little town of Dürnstein) King Richard I Lionheart was held captive after the third crusade. The castle was later demolished by swedish troops during the 30 years war, but you still have some nice ruins to explore. But the valley is not just famous for it's castles and abbeys, but it is one of the most notable wine growing regions in Austria. Therefore it was declared as a UNESCO Site in 2000 for its architectural and agricultural history.

And now the best news: Every Amsterdam to Budapest river cruise does pass the Rhine Gorge and the Wachau Valley.

Want to cruise it? Check who cruises the Wachau Valley. Or use the River Cruise Search and add it as a port of call.

Picture: Wikipedia / Creative Commons