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Scenic River Stretches 5: Saxon Switzerland

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One part of the river cruise experience is that you just unpack once and your hotel brings you to another quaint town every day. But there is more, the beautiful stretches of the rivers you'll pass on your way. Therefore let's have a look on the few natural sights hiding in my database. In the last entry we dealt with the Iron Gates, this posting deals with the Saxon Switzerland.

The Saxon Switzerland

Upstream of Dresden, southeast.. Bohemian Switzerland Elbe Sandstone Mountains

The Saxon Switzerland is the german part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. This geological formation is located between North Bohemia and the state of Saxony. It's table mountains and pillars where formed by marine regression millions of years ago. Today it is well know for sports like cross country skiing and rock climbing. However you are most like just sitting on the sun deck, enjoying the view from the river on the mountains and castles.

Historically it was a borderland between several tribes, until it came under saxon control in the 15th century. Evidence of that chapter are the castles along the Elbe river. The Saxon Switzerland was declared as a national park in 1990 just before the collapse of the GDR. The czechs declared there share of the area a national park as well, so you are going to cruise through est 700 kmĀ² / 270 square miles in total.

Want to cruise it? Check who cruises the Saxon Switzerland. Or use the River Cruise Search and add Bad Schandau as a port of call.

Picture: Wikipedia / Creative Commons