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Accident: Rhine blocked at Cologne

Several cargo ships ran aground on the Rhine in Cologne. One is still stuck and has to be unloaded in order to make the river shipable again.

Accident: Amadeus Silver hit lock at Kostheim

Already a few days ago, the Amadeus Silver hit a bridge at the Main river, minor damage done to the wheelhouse.

Accidents on the Danube May 2013

High water issues on the Danube caused two accidents with river cruise ships involved.

Accident: Moselle blocked November 2012

A freighter ran aground on the Moselle close to Cochem. The river is going to be blocked until this evening (22.11.2012) ,

Google Translate of German Newspaper: Spiegel

Accident: Avalon Panorama hit bridge

Yesterday (May 16th 2012) the Avalon Panorama hit a road bridge while it was on its way from Bamberg to Nuremberg. According to sources, the captain did not lower the wheelhouse, while passing a bridge. The damage of wheelhouse and the ships superstructure is est. € 20.000 / $ 25.000, the bridges substructure repair costs are not estimated yet. German authorities ordered the ship to halt at the lock until the wheelhouse has been repaired. You can see how the remove the damaged wheelhouse with a crane on some of the picture sets.