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Historical Water Level 1901 - 2012

A brief guide how to access them plus some a table with historical events of interest.

Vintage Pictures of German Rivers

While checking the Internet for extreme river conditions in Germany, I stumbled upon this great source of vintage pictures.

Scenic River Stretches 1: Rhine Gorge

One part of the river cruise experience is that you just unpack once and your hotel brings you to another quaint town every day. But there is more, the beautiful stretches of the rivers you'll pass on your way. Therefore let's have a look on the few natural sights hiding in my database.

The Rhine Gorge

The Rhine Gorge is a stretch of the Upper Rhine Valley from Bingen down to Koblenz. It starts about 25 kilometers downstream of the Main confluence (which is at Mainz) and ends a bit upstream of the "Deutsches Eck" (German Corner), where the Moselle meets the Rhine.

List of Locks along the Rivers

One huge difference between an ocean cruise and a river cruise are all the locks along the rivers. Most river cruise ships are designed in such a way not to waste any space and just fit into the locks. For example the lock width along the Rhine Main Danube Canal is 12meter, so all ships can have a maximum width of 11.40m. That leaves exactly one foot of space to the right and left if a ship enters a lock. Therefore they sometimes bump into the walls, which may be very unpleasant at night. That is one of the little details most operators or travel agents do not mention.

Swimming the Rhine from source to mouth

During the first week of May, Ernst Bromeis started his mission, to cruise swim down the Rhine from its source at the Toma Lake down to the mouth. He prefered this arduous way of traveling (with an est. 40km / day) from the Alps, via Basel to Rotterdam as he sees himself as an ambassador for nature. His message is to use water reasonable, spare it. Therefore he started the project 'The Blue Wonder - Rhine 2012'.