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Viking Vienna enters lock on the Main Danube Canal

Recently I took some pictures showing the Viking Vienna entering Eibach Lock at Nuremberg on the Main Danube Canal. Amazing to see how they navigate the ship into the narrow lock chamber.

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Locks along the Danube after the flood

The flood seems to be over, a lot of damage in the flooded cities like Passau has already been cleaned up. Unfortunately, some heavy damage has been done to the locks on the Danube river, especially Altenwörth in Austria and Gabcikovo in Slovakia. Both are crucial for river cruises down to Vienna and Budapest.

Lock Closure on the Moselle

From today on, the locks Locks from Trier to Koblenz on the Moselle river are closed due to maintainance. It became necessary to replace several lock gates or to improve the concrete structure of the locks.

WSV Announcement June 12th (PDF)
WSV Announcement June 6th (PDF)

Begin: 2012 June 12th
End: 2012 June 19th

During this time, the Moselle river is not shipable, so all cruises from Remich down to Koblenz are affected.

Lock closure 2012 ended

Since May 2nd all locks on the Main, Danube and Rhine Main Danube Canal are shipable again. If you cruise them at the moment, expect a few delays due to traffic jams.