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write a reviewYou have been on a river cruise in Europe this season? Please take a few minutes and write a review. Especially if you used the River Cruise Info App this is a great way to say "Thanks" for all the information you got for free. :)
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Trip Report: Ingolstadt Audi Museum

Some cruises offer excursions to the Audi Factory and Museum at Ingolstadt. I was able to escort a group there, so here are my impressions.

Should I book a particular side of a ship?

When booking a cruise there are many factors to take into consideration. You have to figure out, which cities you want to visit, the month you want to go to Europe, to pick a cruise line, and much more.

In the hydrology and watersheds article I explained why the cruise direction does not play a role if you are concerned about the weather. So lets continue with another thing you should not really waste your time on. Which side of the board should your cabin be on.